Work Wear

We are developing our export activities with the most modern production facilities. Our products comply with European standards and guidelines as well as individual requirements in terms of comfort, material and quality. We operate under the motto superior superior quality and really fast service.
Our manufacturers use unique designs and advanced technologies for the production of textiles. Some of our specialty products are Antistatic, antimicrobial, proban (flame retardant), chemical fluid detection, good visibility for electricity and electronics. We offer these products for areas such as heavy industry, automotive, aerospace, military, medical, computing, laboratory, telecommunications, construction, shipbuilding, gas stations, refineries, chemicals and petrochemicals, metals, security, pharmacy, hospitals...

Our product portfolio;
• Medical Care
• Craft Industry
• Gastronomy
• Personal protective cloth
• Food industry
• Business Fashion

We look forward to serving you with our quality products. For anything you can ask, please contact us.