What we do?

Due to our yearlong cooperation with our suppliers, and extensive supplier portfolio which gives us special knowledge and experience in the Turkish’s textile field, we can provide you flexibly with best possible vendor.

We attach great importance to a very close cooperation with our customers and justify its good reputation with the delivery of a high quality product, unconditional compliance with the deadlines and the technical performance of our customers.

We guarantee a comfortable working process for our customers, from the inspection to the delivery. We encourage our suppliers to maintain our quality standards, the best value for money and the most accurate implementation of our information...

That allows us to constantly informing our customers about new developments, while the same time offering the optimum product at the optimum price.

Our system:

1- First Session: as the first contact with our client regarding the assigned business , we discuss the product through the client's idea and technical sheets
2- Sourcing: here is our mission started, choosing correct supplier, and materialize every idea and detail in our customer's needs
3- Sampling: providing and shipment the prototypes for customer’s evaluation.
4- Second Session with the second contact with our client related to the criticism, amendments and/or acceptation. Here we are...
5- Processing: here the carry out, follow up, inspection, and regular informative communication with our client
6- Finalizing & shipment: after thoroughly quality control inspection over every step and confirmation, and wrap up the end product. We do the shipping and delivering it to the clients.

Our clients are welcome to check their running business, standing in the middle of a factory with the buzz of the machines, seeing the product coming to life before your eyes. And we do the arranges for your visits.


  • Men, women, and kids wear
  • Woven, knitted and tricot textile clothing
  • Piece staining, oil staining and all types of washes
  • Classic clothing, basic, casual, sportswear and denim
  • Leather clothing, bags and accessories
  • Home textiles
  • Toweling
  • Lingerie, linen, socks
  • Blouses and shirts