Why Turkey?

Why Turkey has emerged to be an ideal country for apparel sourcing:

As the apparel industry has shifted its focus to quality of the garment, making Turkey procurement of clothing worth for business owners. Manufacturers have to produce premium apparels in Turkey since decades and they have made a prominent place of themselves in the world. The ‘Made in Turkey’ label on particular apparel indeed gives it an edge over others. Whenever shopping enthusiasts go for buying garments, they get to see endless options. Turkey, being a dominant global textile and fashion economy guarantees their most garments are to be of the finest standards. Clothes manufactured in Turkey are appropriate for the buyers from every part of the world...

Whether we like it or not, we live in a fast fashion era. The “see now, buy now, wear now” mentality has almost become a normal part of modern consumer behavior. High street brands turbo-charged this psyches, enabling shoppers to get their hands on fashion trends soon after they have appeared on the catwalk. One of the countries at the forefront of this disruption to the fashion industry is Turkey, whose factories have been manufacturing clothes for high street retailers.

Product can be turned around quickly, orders can be placed and samples can be received five to seven days later. Quick turnaround is one of the reasons retailers has been manufacturing its own label in Turkey

Turkey not only offers a good-quality workforce, but it is also attractive for buyers geographically. You can fly to Turkey and do business in the same day. Producing in Turkey enables the team to visit regularly for relatively little cost, it is easy to jump on a plane and visit each supplier to resolve the issue quickly and productively.

With Turkey, brands don’t have to order big quantities that they need to keep in the stock cupboard. Brands can make small orders and repeat on styles. You don’t have to carry extra stock. The ability to place small through to larger-scale orders gives flexibility, and the ability to trial new products and trends, and be quick to market with these.

Turkey takes a proactive stance on environmental concerns in the supply chain; it is one of the few countries to mandate all textile manufacturers to comply with internationally accepted environmental standards, which is another plus.